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About us


Western States Recovery & Towing is a repossession company based in St. George, Utah providing unparalleled service and turnaround.  We provide lenders and title companies the ability to recover critical assets in a quick, easy and reliable transaction.  Not only are we are CARS certified by RISC, as an affiliate of DRN, a leading LPR video survelence provider, we have access to a massive network to quickly recover assets.  Additionally, as a service we offer credible roadside assistance to St. George and the surrounding communities. 

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  • Cars, trucks & SUV's

  • Motorcyles

  • ATV's

  • Semi Trucks

  • RVs/Trailers

  • Boats/aquatic toys

  • Private impounds


  • Towing

  • Tire Change

  • Flats

  • Jumpstart

  • Lockouts​​

  • Relocations

​​             and more...


Hours of operation:

Monday-Friday 9AM–5PM 

Saturday & Sunday  


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